GLI Marine is the distribution division of GLI (Geoff Lovett International) Motor Yacht Specialists, which is a company that has been selling new and pre-loved luxury motor yachts and game fishing vessels for over 50 years. As a company, we pride ourselves on quality and attention to detail, and our focus is on delivering the highest customer satisfaction levels to every client.

Distinctive Performance and Legendary Reputation
When it comes to distinctive performance and legendary reputation, then it’s hard to go past a name such as Pleysier. GLI Marine is proud to be distributing Pleysier vessels on a production basis, with all the latest building techniques available on the market today.
The new generation of Pleysier boats are designed and built using modern software and CNC manufacturing techniques, combined with a touch from the hands of fine artisans. The hull, structure and fit out are engineered and specified to Australian and International Standards to exceed AMSA requirements for offshore operation. The highest quality vinylester resins, foam cores and multiaxial fibreglass fabrics are utilised in conjunction with vacuum infusion technologies for the entire vessel. The outcome is a robust structure of exceptional quality that is not only strong, stiff and durable, but most importantly light.
GLI Marine have a range of Pleysier designs ranging from 30 to 60 feet, with the 48 foot model the first to go into production incorporating the latest manufacturing processes under the GLI Marine banner.


The Pleysier name is synonymous with producing boats that demonstrate distinctive performance and carry a legendary reputation, and this is all thanks to the man behind the name, David Pleysier.

With his humble beginnings in the 1950’s and a fascination with all things to do with boating, this Dutch Boat Builder quickly made a name for himself building quality boats with an extreme attention to detail. David Pleysier moved with his family to Perth, Australia in 1956 and Western Australia became the perfect base to develop and hone his skills and designs.

Whilst there have been many boats over the years that have benefitted from the Pleysier influence, the 52’ Game Fishing boat Pannawonica, launched in 1971, is still considered by many to be the benchmark by which all serious game boats have been measured ever since. Pannawonica introduced Australian skippers and International anglers to a new world of game fishing, with the seaworthiness and capability that was second to none. The smoothed radius corners and attention to detail to all exterior surfaces brought a new standard to game fishing boats not seen before.

Numerous game fishing boats were to follow, such as Kamari, Spirit of Brisbane, Mauna Kea, Inkwazi, Shakara and Amokura, just to name a few. All these vessels had a significant impact on the game fishing scene and definitely established their place in history. Move forward to the current day and GLI Marine is proud to be manufacturing Pleysier vessels on a production basis, with all the latest building techniques available on the market today.

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