Experience, expertise and credentials are the vital components of buying, selling or chartering luxury vessels. And when it comes to each of these, the world truly is our oyster.

Whether it’s your first foray into boating or the next in a long line of yachts, bought for business, on a whim, the reward for your labour or as a lifestyle change, your ideal boat is our sole focus.

50 years in the business, with loyal clientele around the world, the Geoff Lovett International name is synonymous with integrity, quality and service.

No matter what path you followed to yachting, you can be sure the qualified team at GLI has the skills and resources to fulfil your requirements.

Service, personalised and professional, is fundamental to the GLI approach.

“Over the years I have focused my efforts on service and product knowledge, and keeping my word with whatever I promise along the way,” says founder, Geoff Lovett. “Also, we pride ourselves on going that extra mile and making astute decisions based on a lifetime of experience. We have clients who have been with us through five boat sales over the years, and 75% repeat rate for our clientele, so we must have the right formula.”