Make : Hashihama Shipbuilding Co. Kanda Japan

Year : 1961 (Full Re-fit 1998)

Cabins :

Length : 131ft / 40m

Price : AU $750,000

This 132` Steel Motor Yacht is one of Australia`s finest cruising / charter vessels and is now offered for sale in survey.
The Georgianna McHaffie is a 40 metre, 750HP, all-weather vessel, built in 1961 in Japan by Hashihama Shipping Co.
It’s original name, the “Hiashio” translates to mean “Quick Water
Constructed in Japan to Lloyds 100A` registry this magnificent steel vessel has been refurbished and is in current 1D & 1C survey for up to 150 passengers.
Powered by a single 750HP turbo diesel (Kinoshita) and launched 1961.
Refurbished in 1998 with an investment of $1.5 million, she has been used in Westernport Bay in Victoria as a marine survey business since.
The beauty of this vessel is that the boat can be used for so many applications and can be further modified with some imagination into whatever business opportunities you see fit.
If you would like to be an owner / operator then this vessel can be yours to be your lifestyle or if you prefer privacy your own private motor yacht.

Price : AU $750,000

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