Year : 2013

Cabins : 6 Staterooms plus crew

Length : 34m

Price : EURO8,350,000 (VAT exempt)

If a 34.00m yacht with the volume of a 40.00m plus mono-hull, combined with a trans-Atlantic range, and 6 guest rooms that can be customized in 20 different ways interests you… then, the Curvelle QUARANTA just may be the right motor yacht for you.

You see, the name Curvelle QUARANTA was chosen because this 34.1m superyacht catamaran was designed to obtain the volume of a 40.00m mono-hull!

And with her flexible guestroom and VIP layouts, there are more than 20 different ways you can personalize her to suit your cruising needs.

What’s more, with her explorer yacht range of 4,200 nautical miles, you can go far beyond your usual cruising grounds and discover far-flung paradise destinations.

And on top of that, with her beach club that’s capable of lifting 3 tons, you can not only carry a limousine tender, but you can now cruise with your car, or even a mini-submarine for exploring shipwrecks, coral reefs, sea life, and other underwater fascinations.



Price : EURO8,350,000 (VAT exempt)

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