Name : NEW 12m Everingham Catamaran



Cabins :

Length : 12m

Price : AU $1,250,000 + gst

NEW 12m Everingham Catamaran Commercial Passenger Vessel

AMSA survey 1D     60 passengers + 2 crew

AMSA survey 1C     46 passengers + 2 crew


Designed by J Q Stephen Pty Ltd and constructed by Everingham Boats, this commercial catamaran passenger vessel has a proven hull form that has been developed and refined by the Naval Architect, the builder and with very successful operators in Gladstone.

Push forward the throttles and you’ll soon reach 20 knots in steady quiet comfort, riding smooth and trim atop of her modified z-bow configuration and this hull form has proven performance under loaded conditions.

Expertly constructed in aluminium to the highest engineering standards, Everingham is known amongst industry professionals for high quality workmanship on all the vessels constructed by them and the welding is first class.

Due to the 11.98 metre measured length, the vessel can be operated with a Coxswain and one crew and powered by dual 425HP Cummins QSB 6.7 shaft drive diesels, the vessel is economical at 20 knots using only 80 litres per hour (light load)

Price : AU $1,250,000 + gst

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